How to Get Back Into Dating After a Long-Term Relationship Crumbles

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Ending and overcoming long-term relationships is never an easy thing. Getting back to dating may take some time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take small steps toward finding a new partner. Here are a few tips to make the process less intimidating and more enjoyable.

Be Actually Ready to Date

If you truly don’t feel like dating again yet, that’s fine. Even if your ex has found someone new, it doesn’t mean you should settle for a person you don’t like just to make them jealous. Make sure you feel happy on your own first and accept that you can have great fun on your own, too. Once you find your inner peace, you’ll be excited to meet new people and explore different connections.

Also, remember that going on a date with someone doesn’t necessarily need to turn into a relationship. Maybe you’ll gain a new friend you can learn a lot from. Think of dating as an opportunity to experience new things and let things develop naturally.

Low Pressure and Low Expectations

When going on a date with someone you don’t know, a crowded restaurant across town might not be the best place. Why not take them to your favorite restaurant where you can feel more relaxed? This way, you’ll get to know each other better and feel more at ease.

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Keep in mind that not all dating experiences will go well. Just because you’ve had one bad experience with a stranger doesn’t mean you should give up. Throughout your life, you’ll encounter people with different personalities, and not everyone will impress you. Keep on trying, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Don’t Compare and Be Honest

Being affected by your past relationship is normal, but you shouldn’t let it affect your new experiences. Many people compare people they meet to their ex-partners, which makes it harder to meet “the one.” Reflect on your last relationship and think about what you want or don’t want to find in your new partner. It will help you make your final decision.

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It’s normal to feel confused and overwhelmed with emotions. Be honest with your date and tell them you still don’t feel completely comfortable. Most people would appreciate your honesty and be conscious of your feelings. Plus, you will feel better not having to keep up a façade in front of them. Be yourself, and the right person will accept you as you are.

The Psychology Behind This “Love Eye” Trick From Tiktok

It’s difficult to make someone fall in love with you. Playing M.A.S.H, looking up love spells, or hoping that your crush somehow gets the message that you either completely ignore them or like all of their Instagram pictures (there is no in-between!) are your only other options unless you’re willing to confess your feelings to them and hope they feel the same. The good news is that the highly special psychological love eye trick from TikTok may finally put the days of burning sage and refreshing your feed for the sake of love behind you.

The Whole Psychology of This Love Eye Trick from Tiktok

What Is This Love Trick all About?

Okay, so the nicest thing about this little eye dance is how easy the mechanics are. You just fix your gaze on the person’s left eye, then move your gaze downward to their lips or chin, and finally to their right eye. They won’t be aware of it because it’s done swiftly for a few seconds. True love magic!

The one very crucial qualification is that you should only use this strategy when you’re having a one-on-one conversation with the person you’re smitten with. Otherwise, there’s a risk they’ll become preoccupied and miss the full eye-lip-eye movement you make. It’s also preferable to pull out this trick when they’re speaking to you because it’s probable they’ll be focused on you and looking at your response.

The Theory Behind It

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that folks look attractive using the psychology eye trick on TikTok. But, why does someone start to seem seductive only by glancing at various regions of your face? Direct eye contact has a significant role in it, according to psychotherapist and relationship specialist Elizabeth Fedrick Ph.D., LPC, since it transmits a crystal-clear message of fascination.

She explains that during a discussion, maintaining eye contact fosters a feeling of security, attention, and love connection between two people. Additionally, making eye contact with someone who makes you feel secure and connected awakens the social brain.

This method is distinctive not just because of eye contact, but also because of lip attention. Dr. Fedrick also explains that it can be viewed as seductive or flirtatious to look at someone’s lips, especially if there is already some sort of attraction or interest present.

Consider this: Before moving to kiss someone, you must first examine their lips to determine the approximate location of your landing. According to experts, this pre-smooch gaze may be just as effective as the kiss itself since it lets the other person know that you’re thinking about making out with them. This may then prompt them to consider kissing you, and there you have it. Kiss-ception.