Break Up or Not? Questions to Ask When Not Sure How to Proceed

Many people struggle with their relationships. Sometimes, individuals desperately hold on to a romance doomed to fail. Other times, they leave before even trying to save their relationship. Read on if you’re one of those individuals who feel something’s wrong but are uncertain whether you should break up with your partner. Below are four major questions to ask yourself before making any choice.

Does Mental Health Interfere?

Break Up or Not? Questions To Ask When Not Sure How to Proceed

Experts say that sometimes mental health can prevent us from seeing the situation clearly. If you believe you’re not worth the affection of another human being, you’ll likely cling to your current relationship, even if it’s far from perfect. So, when you feel excessively worried about everything or are depressed, you might consider the relationship worth saving when it’s better to break up with your partner.

Does Lack of Love Prompt the Break-Up?

One of the hardest things to answer is, do you stay out of obligation or out of love? Many people fail to realize that loving someone doesn’t come with obligations. If you’re putting up with everything for, say, kids’ sake or because your partner supported you in a challenging part of your life, then perhaps it’s best to go. On the other hand, if you feel connected to someone and deeply in love, the relationship is worth fighting for. Try and answer that question before making the fateful decision to break up with your partner.

Are All Values and Needs Catered To?

It’s no secret that many people put others’ needs before their own. But that’s far from the ideal thing to do, especially in a relationship. So, people should ask themselves whether all their needs and values are being catered to by their partner. In other words, does your partner put their heart and soul into the relationship the way you do?

Generally speaking, if you feel unappreciated or even resentful toward your beloved, then it’s likely that the relationship isn’t going smoothly. Try and pay attention to which of your needs your partner neglects. If they’re not ready or willing to change and work on it, it could be better to say your farewells.

Is the Relationship Defined by Mutual Differences?

Last but definitely not least, individuals in a challenging relationship should ask themselves this question before deciding to break up with their partner: are your differences too big to work on? For some couples, being different is what makes them tick. But when things get more serious, it’s good to share the same views on at least some matters.

If there’s a pattern for conflict, i.e., you keep having the same fight over and over about seemingly unimportant things, perhaps your values aren’t aligned.