Here’s What Flirting Body Language Looks Like, According to Experts

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Often, people who feel too nervous to express their feelings with words prefer to let their bodies speak for them. But do you know how to decipher the difference between flirting and innocent communication? Here’s how to interpret some common body language actions to discover if the other person is interested in you.

Arm Touches and Eye Contact

If someone touches your arm gently, they feel comfortable with you and want to have physical contact. Despite being a more subtle action, this is a common flirting technique. Brushing someone’s arm or leg isn’t usually an “accident” and could mean that this person wants to touch you and see your reaction.

If your date’s eyes directly focus on you and they ignore everything else around them, this is a great sign, especially if they keep eye contact for longer than a couple of seconds. You should also know that people tend to look at things that make them feel comfortable. However, if the other person doesn’t make eye contact, it might mean that they’re shy or nervous, so keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions.

Leaning in While Talking and Relaxing Their Body

This is one of the most obvious signs that someone’s flirting with you. Leaning in means they feel comfortable around you and want to be closer to you. It shows that they’re paying attention to what you’re saying, which also means this person is a good listener.

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If the other person’s body is not fully relaxed, this could mean that they’re unsure, cold, and closed. Of course, you should remember that some people may need time to get comfortable around others. However, if when your date is relaxed in their posture, this means they feel good in your presence and your date will go smoothly.

Touching Legs and Sitting Too Close

When someone touches their own leg, this might have a double meaning. If they’re just smoothing out their pants, then it probably means they feel a bit nervous. However, if they look into your eyes while they do it, that means they’re mesmerized by you.

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Just like leaning in, sitting close to someone is definitely a sign of flirting. Obviously, everyone wants to be as close as possible to the things and people that they like. Again, this shows that your date feels comfortable and safe around you. Of course, you can always distance yourself if you need personal space, and they should respect that.