Psychologists Say This Flirting Technique Works Almost Every Time

Pexels // Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

People often get nervous when flirting and try to come up with new techniques to make them feel more comfortable about it. Luckily, psychologists have revealed a flirting technique that can lead to success almost every single time. Here are the details you need to know

The Secret Flirting Technique

The research has been done by experts in Norway and the US. About 1,000 people participated, and their responses determined different approaches that worked and others that didn’t. These people answered the questions depending on what they were looking for in a partner. Those looking for something more casual mentioned approaches such as moving closer and making eye contact, not in a creepy way!

Pexels // Andrea Piacquadio

However, people who wanted a long-term relationship were looking for things like generosity and a sense of commitment. You’re probably curious about finding out which flirting technique was the most common one. You probably didn’t guess it, but the secret technique is actually… being funny. Yes, some people won’t have a problem with that, while others might find it difficult.

Being Funny Is Key

A good sense of humor is more attractive than you think. If they’re laughing at your jokes, you’re doing a good job. If you’re not making them laugh, then be kind and interested.

In conclusion, we can say that making someone laugh is almost always the key to winning their heart. Just make sure to not overdo it and be yourself. Being funny can be both easy and difficult. One thing is for sure, though—if someone laughs at your jokes, you’re already halfway there.

People Thought it Was a Scam That Lewis Capaldi Shared His Number

Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish singer and songwriter, age 26, became well-known when he released songs such as “Someone You Loved” and “Bruises”, and like every star on the rise, he wanted his music to do well. However, in his search for stardom, he has tried interesting marketing tactics to raise awareness of himself, and fans have had mixed reactions to his attempts.

People Thought it Was a Scam That Lewis Capaldi Shared His Number

Some Fans Were Not Pleased

In the music industry, it’s important to keep fans happy and make sure your songs are listened to and gain popularity with time. That’s why many stars are on the rise, and even ones that are already famous enough constantly try different tactics to make their music heard. Recently, Capaldi tried something that wasn’t taken the best way by everyone. He posted his phone number on Instagram and asked people to call! People immediately took to asking whether it was real or it was just a scheme. One fan even posted the reply she got!

The Truth Behind the Number

As it turned out, calling the number doesn’t get you through to Lewis Capaldi himself. You receive a text message prompting you to click on a link. That link was to promote his new song, “Pointless”, and fans were not particularly happy since they were expecting to talk to him.

Lewis Capaldi Did it Before

Some people were even more off-put by his marketing tactic because he had tried doing the same thing before, using the same number to promote the same song. Some were furious and felt let down by the singer. Others thought it was a disgusting marketing scheme that gave them false hope for nothing. The singer explained to outraged fans that he just wanted his song to do well because he had spent so many resources.

Singers shouldn’t betray their fans’ trust for promotions of any song, and Lewis Capaldi learned that the hard way when he tried a marketing tactic that made people confused, sad, and furious. He is now working on his album Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent, so those who still want to enjoy his music can anticipate the arrival of the new album!