5 Things People Should Consider Before Getting Their Ex Back

It hurts! Saying goodbye to a romantic partner is painful, regardless of who is doing the dumping. But, sometimes, people look back at things and realize that they’ve lost their one and only soul mate. Trying to get back with an ex is a trope as old as time, meaning it is more common than most people think.

5 Things People Should Consider Before Getting Their Ex Back

But, before someone reaches out to their former partner, there are several things that they should consider to reassure themselves that this is really what they want.

Here are five important factors to think about:

1. Take the Time to Look Inwards

There’s an immense difference between getting back with an ex when one is lonely and when they truly love them and regret losing them. People change with time, meaning their characters, wants, needs, and life goals evolve. That is why they should take a second to take a good look at themselves and decide whether their former partner can really accommodate their current desires.

2. Speak With a Professional

It’s very hard for people to differentiate whether they want to reunite with their former significant others because of genuine love or because of the idea of being with them. Speaking with a therapist can shed some light on this matter. Professionals can help individuals determine whether they are looking back at a romantic partnership with rose-colored glasses. They can provide an objective angle and guide people to focus on all aspects of their former relationship. After all, everyone can benefit from therapy.

3. Give the Ex-Partner Space

When contacting an ex, people shouldn’t expect a positive response from the get-go, especially if they did the dumping. Sometimes former lovers are left bamboozled by the fact that their exes want to reunite with them. If they ask for time to think about things, give it to them. Building up trust is never easy and rushing through the stages of reconciliation won’t help.

4. Don’t Make It a Competition

People move forward after breakups at a different pace. Some need weeks to put their lives back together while others require months, if not years, to overcome the pain of losing their significant other. That is why reconciliation shouldn’t be seen as a competition of who managed to realize their error first. It should be a mixture of mutual growth and effort to remedy and rekindle a lost romance.

5. Be Realistic

Having faith in happy-ever-after is great, but always sets realistic expectations. People often rekindle lost romances believing that everything will be great, maybe even better than the first time. They’re also convinced that their former partner will instantly jump back into their arms. But, the truth is that the second attempt may be worse or the ex may have moved on and is happy with their current life.

Reuniting with an ex may sound like a good idea but people must always take the time to think carefully about it and decide whether that is really what they want and need.

How the Ancient Technique of Oil Pulling Can Benefit Oral Health

How the Ancient Technique of Oil Pulling Can Benefit Oral HealthIf you’ve never heard of oil pulling, brace yourself, as this technique can be a total gamechanger in your oral care routine. This ancient method is making a comeback in modern times, and for good reason. It’s sustainable, easy to do, and it has the experts’ stamp of approval.

Oil Pulling — a Millennia-Old Practice

The ancient technique of oil pulling originated in India about 3000 years ago. In its essence, it’s a method of removing harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation in the mouth by using vegetable oil as mouthwash. Dr. Rashmi Byakodi, editor and BDS of Best for Nutrition, explains that people turned to oil pulling to treat various oral problems and to strengthen their gums and teeth. Traditionally, sesame oil was the most used one, and coconut oil was a strong second.

sesame oil The good news for all oil pulling enthusiasts out there is that you can choose just about any type of vegetable oil you prefer as they all have great health benefits for your oral hygiene. Sunflower oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, you have many choices, and they’re all good!

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

The Benefits of Oil Pulling By using oil as a mouthwash, you are essentially killing harmful bacteria in your mouth. This benefit is backed by research. A 2016 study revealed that oil pulling significantly reduces the number of bacteria in saliva. In addition to that, this oral care practice reduces bad breath. It is as efficient as chlorhexidine in alleviating halitosis. A side perk of using oil as a mouthwash is that it enhances the luster of your teeth by removing plaque.

Multiple studies have shown that the benefits of oil pulling extend beyond oral health. Experts believe that this technique can also reduce the risk of systemic diseases, including asthma, migraines, and diabetes.

How to Do Oil Pulling at Home

How to Do Oil Pulling at Home Practicing oil pulling is easy. Just take a tablespoon of vegetable oil in your mouth, swish it around your mouth for about 15 minutes, and then spit it into the garbage. Whether or not you should brush your teeth afterward is up to you.