Are We Dating? 4 Ways to Tell Once and for All, According to Experts

If you’ve just started seeing someone and are wondering if things are getting serious, this article is for you. It’s common that people get mixed signals and can’t tell if the other person wants to take things to the next level.

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Do partners really need to put labels on their relationship to show they’re serious about each other? Here are four signs that indicate two partners are indeed dating.

Time Now & In the Future

If two people go above and beyond to see each other, it usually means they’re more than just friends. If you constantly want to spend time together or text each other even when you’re busy, this is a sign of a strong connection. Even without adding labels, you can easily guess when someone’s into you; they want to see or hear from you all the time. However, if you only hang out on occasion and only text each other once in a while, things probably aren’t that serious.

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When two partners talk about the future a lot, this means both of them plan on making this relationship work. Whether it’s a trip or a family dinner, you can see that the other person sees you in their future. When you’re dating someone, conversations and plans for the future will come naturally. If, however, they’re avoiding the topic, don’t get your hopes up as they’re probably not willing to stay.

Meeting Friends & Using Labels

No one would introduce you to their close people unless they’re really into you. This means they’re sharing a part of their life with you and want you to get along with their friends. Plus, your partner probably wants to know what their friends think of you.

If you’ve already had a serious talk about your current relationship status, it’s a sign that both are willing to communicate and be open with each other. It might be quite scary to put labels on your relationship at first, but it’s always important to be straightforward. Stop guessing and wasting time, and talk to your partner instead!