Everyone Can be Caught Lying — Their Facial Expressions Give Them Away

There are many reasons why people are dishonest, but it’s in your best interest to know how to spot it. It could be very difficult to access who is lying, but if you know what to look for, you can focus on those signs. Colleen Wenner, founder and clinical director of New Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLC, says there are a few facial expressions you should learn to look out for if you want to know whether or not the person before you is being honest or not.

Everyone Can be Caught Lying - Facial Expressions Give Them Away

Are They Looking Away?

You can pick up on a person’s honesty by deciphering their eye contact. If someone is looking right at you, chances are they’re being truthful. But, what if they’re looking away constantly? Both Wenner and a New York-based neuropsychologist and therapist agree that if someone is spinning lies, they won’t be looking directly at you. You could notice their eyes darting around and looking away. Chances are — if that happens — that person is lying about something!

Tightened Face Entails Lying

If someone’s face is constantly contorted and looks tightened and clenched, the chances that they’re not telling the truth are big. Wenner explains that when a face gets serious and looks angry or deep in thought, the person is thinking way too hard about what they’re saying — they’re trying to come up with a story. Someone who is telling the truth wouldn’t have to think about it!

Lips Can Give Away Plenty

You can see different signs of lying by looking at the mouth. Some might get dry and pursed, but others can display both factors at different times. If someone is having a hard time getting out an explanation, they will most certainly purse their lips while contemplating the next sentence, and if their lips are dry at the same time, that’s a sign of a distrustful person. According to Sameera Sullivan, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, if someone’s lips are so pursed they get drier by the minute, that might also be a sign that the person is uncomfortable with the topic.

Blinking Could Mean Lying

When it comes to blinking, there are different opinions on why people who are being dishonest do it more excessively than others. Some say it’s because the eyes get dry, and they must blink constantly to get rid of the dryness. Others say it’s one of the clearest factors of not telling the truth because by blinking, people are trying to appear more normal, but the excessiveness gives them away. Take a closer look next time you’re talking to someone — you can decide for yourself.

Change in Expression = Red Flag

When you’re talking to someone and trying to suss out whether they’re being honest, you should take a closer look at their facial expression. If someone’s face goes from neutral to completely angry during the conversation, chances are they are not fully disclosing something. They’re going into defensive mode and trying to act insulted that you’re accusing them of being dishonest. If someone is explaining with a neutral face, it’s because they’re not worried and know they’re lying!

The bottom line is that when someone is lying to you in conversation, there are plenty of red flags and signs to look out for!

Seven Fashion Tricks That Always Deliver Stunning Results

Seven Fashion Tricks That Always Deliver Stunning Results

In order to be fashionable, you don’t have to spend a lot on clothes, follow the latest trends, or become a master of putting together complicated styles. Fashion has always been all about personal expression and achieving a great look can be as simple as choosing the right accessories or layering textures and colors the right way! Here are seven tricks you can use at any time!

Tuck Part of the Shirt In

MIHOLL Women's Short Sleeve V-Neck Shirts Loose Casual Tee T-ShirtA fully tucked-in shirt looks very serious and formal. For a more relaxed but still fashionable look, tuck in only the front part of your shirt. This will create a visual of movement and give the outfit more complexity than just a straight, tucked-in look. This works well with tank tops, sweaters, and silk collared shirts alike.

Wear a Statement Hat

Wear a Statement HatThe world of fashion will always have room for a beautiful hat! In fact, you can make the hat the statement piece of your entire outfit. With many styles of hats to choose from including floppy, fedora, cloche, beanies, berets, and more, the possibilities are endless!

Fashion Encourages Mixing Textures

Fashion Encourages Mixing TexturesWith only one texture throughout, an outfit could look bland and boring. It’s encouraged to combine two, three, or more textures so that every part of your outfit makes a statement. You can go subtle by keeping the outfit in one shade or combine a few colors to make each texture stand out. Wear a faux fur vest over a linen shirt, leather boots over jeans, or make any other combination that feels fun to you!

Go Monochrome

Go MonochromeChoosing one color or hue might sound limiting, but it can actually be a very interesting look and one that’s easy to plan. If you have a fun and unusual hair color, you could even coordinate your outfit to match it. Monochrome fashion is a time-saver because it limits options and allows you to get ready for any outing much faster.

Combine Graphic Tees and Blazers

Combine Graphic Tees and BlazersIf you’re looking for the perfect blend of casual and dressed-up, then this is the combo to go for! Choose an interesting graphic tee and pair it with your favorite jeans and a lux blazer. This is an effortless way to create a stunning and respectable outfit that’s suitable for a variety of venues – be it a day out with friends or a day at the office.

Matching Sets Are Always Fashionable

Combine Graphic Tees and BlazersWhen it comes to fashion, a matching set will always be a welcomed sight. If you have a matching knit set, pantsuit, or skirt suit, wear it with pride because this type of look will always be fashionable. The only thing you’ll need to spend time on is choosing the right shoes and accessories to match the set!

Color Coordination

Color Coordination Too many colors can either work amazingly well or lead to a catastrophe. That’s why the rule of thumb in the fashion world is to match two to three colors at most in one outfit and match your accessories, shoes, and jewelry accordingly. You can even do your makeup to match the chosen colors!