Should People Text Someone Who Has Ghosted Them to Get Closure?

Breakup conversations are stressful and laborious but are necessary to give people closure about a failed relationship. The only thing that is worse is when a relationship ends without any dialog. It’s perfectly natural for people to want an explanation, which is why many men and women are tempted to text someone who has ghosted them. But should they do it?

Should People Text Someone Who Has Ghosted Them to Get Closure?The Importance of Closure

In psychology, “closure” is a term used by professionals to describe the emotional and psychological state of fully processing a life experience. It’s about completing a story that gives people valuable lessons, which they can use to move on and start new chapters in their lives.

When ghosted, people go through an experience that has a beginning and middle but is deprived of an ending. This causes them to seek closure, which at times can be difficult. Each person is unique, meaning everyone has their own way of processing loss. While some prefer to be alone, others need to verbalize their feelings or ask questions to the people that caused them pain.

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What to Text When Ghosted

It’s understandable for people to feel the urge to yell at their ghoster or ask them for a second chance. However, this rarely brings any clarity. In fact, it may lead to more heartache and stress.

The most important thing to remember when texting a ghoster is that they may never reply. In addition, individuals who have the habit of ending things without having a conversation are most often people who avoid any form of confrontation. This means that diplomacy is of paramount importance in the hope of getting an answer.

female holding a phoneTexts like “Hi, I’m feeling confused and hurt about how things ended. If you’re open to it, I would like to clear the air” are more likely to provoke a reply. On the other hand, if people aren’t interested in any explanations but need closure, sending a firm text ending the connection is an effective way to deal with being ghosted.

Texting after being ghosted isn’t easy but sometimes it’s required for people to move on and find someone better!