Not Everyone Needs a Partner – Here Are 4 Ways to Be Single and Happy

For many centuries, being part of a pair was necessary for survival and prosperity. It was easier to achieve financial success with two incomes, and gender inequality precluded women from purchasing property or opening bank accounts without a partner. Thankfully, the times have changed, and it’s no longer necessary to be married or part of a couple to live a successful life. Still, being alone carries a hefty stigma, and many people wonder how it’s possible to be happy while alone.

Not Everyone Needs a Partner. Here Are 4 Ways to Be Single and HappyPeople Can Be Happy on Their Own

As Paula Flidermauz, MHC-LP, a mental health counselor at Empower Your Mind Therapy, explains, many of us grow up believing there must be something wrong with us if we’re not in a romantic relationship, or that there’s no way to be completely happy without one. This is primarily due to cultural pressure, media influence, and unfavorable remarks from friends and family.

If you’re considering forgoing traditional dating/coupling, here are some useful tips on how to nurture your best self and be content being single.

#1. Platonic Relationships

Young woman with dogEven if you have no desire for a romantic partner, maintaining your mental health and being a member of a community is crucial to living a long, full, life. For this reason, Flidermauz asserts that to be happy on your own, it’s essential to invest in your platonic friendships.

#2. Making a Plan

It’s not necessary to have a partner to accumulate wealth, buy a property, establish objectives, or open a retirement account. Also true: you must plan to create the life you desire. Rachael Evans, founder and chief executive officer of The Workshop Whisperer, explains that performing an annual life review and setting monthly, quarterly, and annual goals will help you grow confidence.

#3. Hobbies!

Relationships need a substantial investment of your time, energy, and emotions. (Partners are known as “significant others” for a reason.) Therefore, without that other person to occupy your days and mind, you have more time for your own needs and pursuits. However, if you don’t actively choose enjoyable activities and interests, you may experience feelings of loneliness, depression, and aimlessness. Fledermaus invites folks who choose to be alone, to engage in a pastime they formerly enjoyed but haven’t had time to pursue recently. It could be rollerblading, crocheting, cooking, exercising, painting, or writing.

#4. Contribution to the Greater Good

According to a human potential specialist and creator of The Royal Shaman Makhosi Nejeser, the desire for purpose and legacy is an often-overlooked human need. Find organizations that support causes that are important to you and your values. Remember that you don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to be happy. According to Nejeser, merely offering your time and abilities or finding inventive ways to promote the change you wish to see, can go a long way toward helping others and enhancing your happiness.