What Does “Taking Things Slow” in a Relationship Actually Mean?

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If you’ve heard the expression “taking things slow” from your partner, we understand that you might have been a bit confused. That’s because everyone has different a different perspective on relationships.

This article will help you understand whether the other person simply wants to get to know you more or they might mean something else.

The Definition of Taking it Slow

Many people may have had bad experiences in previous relationships or don’t understand what they want from a relationship and want to get to know their partner more.

Whatever the case might be, “taking it slow” is a commonly used phrase that confuses people. It simply means progressing into the relationship at a slow pace, either physically or emotionally. People are different and have their perspectives on things. Here are a few reasons someone might want to take things slow.

They’re Just Getting Out of a Serious Relationship

If the other person has just finished a long-term relationship, you must understand that they probably don’t want to commit to anything serious so soon.

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Allow your partner to take their time and fully open their heart to you. This way, you two will develop a stronger relationship, and your significant other will feel more comfortable taking it slow.

They’re Figuring Things Out for Themselves

Some people aren’t quite ready for a serious commitment as they still need to understand what they want in a relationship. And that’s okay, especially if they don’t have that much experience in dating.

However, don’t let this discourage you. Your partner probably wants to get to know you better, and taking things slow would be the best decision!

They Don’t Want to Ruin Something Good

If you and your partner have a good relationship, the other person may not want to rush things and ruin everything. As you know, many rushed relationships fall apart too quickly, leading to heartbreak and trust issues.

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Take things on your terms and allow your relationship to become even stronger with time.

They’re Setting a Timeframe for Relationship Milestones

Some people consider important relationship events such as traveling together or meeting each other’s parents. In some cases, they might need time to get comfortable and ready for these milestones.

If they want you to take things slowly, it might mean that they want everything to happen at the right time. And honestly, that’s a good sign!

Beyoncé Confirmed She Will Remove an Ableist Slur From “Heated”

On July 29th of 2022, Beyoncé made her fans worldwide super happy with the release of her new album Renaissance. But, the release of the album didn’t go without any controversy. The artist is now facing a significant backlash for people over some lyrics that contain an ableist slur. All of that was unintentional but it made people talk about it. Let’s see what happened!

Beyoncé Confirmed She Will Remove an Ableist Slur From “Heated”

What Were Beyoncé’s Lyrics?

The disabled community called out Beyoncé for using words that are hurtful and should be removed from the lyrics of her song “Heated.” The lyrics include the word “spaz,” which according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, in the USA is commonly used slang for “go crazy,” which is exactly what it was intended to mean in the lyrics of the song.

However, in the UK the word is an ableist slur, and in some other countries as well, it refers to a medical condition called spastic paralysis. After the backlash, a rep of the singer confirmed that the lyrics of the song will be changed. The statement was that the word was not intentionally used in a harmful way but it will be removed from the song.

Another Song With the Same Word

Lizzo, an American artist who removed the same word from one of her songs after backlash

Back in June this year, Lizzo released a song called “Grrrls,” where the word was also present. Lizzo responded to the backlash very quickly and changed the lyrics of the song. Then, she posted a statement on social media addressing the situation and how she reacted to it. She commented that it was brought to her attention what the word means to people from the disabled community and she never intended to use such language.

She even said that “As a fat black woman in America, I’ve had many hurtful words used against me so I understand the power words can have.” She finished up by saying that as an influential figure, she wants to be part of the change and because of that the lyrics of the song have been corrected.

As for Beyoncé’s new song, there’s no information yet on how the lyrics will be changed but we will probably soon find out.