Ashley Tisdale Has Returned to Acting With a Very Personal Project

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has announced that she’ll be returning to acting for a project that she will also helm as an executive producer. The movie in question is the upcoming CBS comedy Brutally Honest, and it seems it will be personal for the actress because the script is loosely inspired by her family life.

Ashley Tisdale Returning for a Comedy

Ashley Tisdale Has Returned to Acting With a Very Personal ProjectAshley Tisdale shared the news on her Instagram Story, pointing out that Brutally Honest will follow a couple and the way their life changes after they welcome their kids. She confirmed the story had something to do with her own experience in parenting and the relationship she has with her husband, Christopher French.

According to the actress, it felt scary that the show was based on her and her husband’s relationship and having a baby, how it all changed, and the difficult conversations along the way. She shared that while it made her more vulnerable, it was also really funny, so it was worth sharing. She also added that it was real life that was going to be inside the movie.

Tisdale Is Producing Brutally Honest

Ashley Tisdale explained the creative process behind the series, and apparently, it originated in her decision to get away from Hollywood for a while. The actress was often asked when she would return to acting, and what her dream role was, so she took a step back and managed to get inspired and creative. So, given how her daughter and her relationship inspired a big part of her life, she drew on it to create the idea for the new show.

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French married in 2014 and welcomed their first child in March 2021. The actress shared that she was very excited when her daughter came into her life because she had always wanted a girl. Apparently, her husband was very scared, and it showed in the pictures. Brutally Honest is now in its early development stages, and enthusiasts will have to wait a while before learning the release date.

3 Simple Ways to Make a Delicious Baked Brazilian Pineapple

3 Simple Ways to Make a Delicious Baked Brazilian Pineapple If you’ve never tried baked or grilled pineapple before, or you have and don’t know how to prepare it yourself, making caramelized baked Brazilian pineapple will have you fall head over heels. It’s tasty, it’s easy to make, and everyone will love it!

What Is Brazilian Pineapple?

 Brazilian Pineapple That’s a perfectly valid question. Although this tropical fruit originated in Brazil, when we talk about Brazilian pineapple, we don’t mean its fresh version. In Brazil, pineapples are traditionally grilled and basted in butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. They are then made on the grill, in the oven, or in an air fryer to enhance the flavor and offer an exciting new dessert, side dish, or anything else you can imagine. Adding brown sugar to the mix makes for a mouthwatering caramelized finish that pampers the senses and sends you to heaven.

3 Ways to Cook Pineapple, Brazilian Style

Coat in Oil

If you’re going for a more traditional taste, just coat your pineapple rings, chunks, or stripes in oil and bake until they begin to get golden-brown.

Teriyaki Sauce

Cooking Pineapple the Brazilian WayMarinade the pineapple in Teriyaki sauce and baste the chunks before cooking. Perfect for ovens and grills, just choose the option you like best. Feel free to spice things up by adding jalapeños or a sweet chili dip to balance the flavors.

Sweet, Buttery Cinnamon Glaze

To get a traditional Brazilian pineapple taste, coat your rings and chunks with a blend of butter, brown sugar, and plenty of cinnamon. Bake or grill until it’s nicely caramelized and sizzling.

How to Choose a Ripe Pineapple

Choosing a Ripe Pineapple In order for the recipe to work, you need a ripe and sweet pineapple. Don’t just judge them by their color. Ripe pineapples aren’t necessarily yellow. In fact, some of the ripest ones are actually green. Make sure there is no visible mold on the outside skin, and that it is firm when you squeeze it. Try smelling it from the leafy end, and if you don’t catch a whiff of sweet freshness, that pineapple isn’t ripe yet.