Jennifer Lopez Showed Her Support for Britney Spears on Instagram

Lately, Britney Spears has been getting attacks from her ex regarding her parenting skills. She shares two sons with Kevin Federline — Sean Preston and Jayden James. After Britney shared about the situation, her old friend, Jennifer Lopez, shared a message of support on her Instagram stories.

Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram Story

Jennifer Lopez shared Britney’s post and wrote “Stay strong.” Britney’s post, which was later deleted, included a picture of them both from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. In the Instagram post, Britney wrote about her experience with her ex, Kevin Federline. She talks about how in today’s world you are free to use your feet, heart, mouth, eyes, and body however you want and express yourself the way you prefer. She then went on to quote Jennifer who once said that you should look into the camera and tell every little girl to get loud and never back down when it comes to giving light to justice. Jennifer Lopez commented on the original post with three heart emojis.

More of the Story

The two sons of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, who are now 15 and 16, have not seen their mother much. In an interview, Federline said that the kids decided on their own not to attend her wedding with Sam Asghari and to not see her. He then shared some private clips of the singer with their sons, which he deleted after. In the clips, the kids were just 11 and 12, and Britney’s attorney said this is a violation of family privacy.

The story is yet to unfold more. For now, what we know is that Britney is having a hard time with her ex and her children but she has the support of other women and mothers like Jennifer Lopez.

Jealousy Can Do Damage to Any Relationship. Here Is How to Handle It

Jealousy Can Do Damage to Any Relationship. Here Is How to Handle ItJealousy, affectionately referred to as the green-eyed monster, receives a bad rap when it comes to emotions because it is easily dismissed as a “superficial emotion.” While jealousy is most frequently associated with romantic relationships, it can manifest in other contexts as well, including the workplace, friendships, and family. Rather than dismissing jealousy as a “petty” emotion, view it as an opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence through the recognition, understanding, and management of your emotions.

Most people confuse jealousy with envy. The big difference is that when you are jealous, you view another person or thing as an impediment to receiving love, attention, affection, and so on. In contrast to envy, jealousy is the desire to obtain something that another person possesses. According to that definition, feeling jealous may be an indication of an unmet and unsaid emotional need in your relationship. So, how to deal with jealousy? Here are some ways:

Admit & Accept Jealousy

Admit & Accept Jealousy Admitting to being jealous does not automatically make you a bad person! Jealousy is one of the many emotions that humans will encounter throughout their lives. Denying your jealousy can potentially trap you in a cycle of constant denial of your emotions. Consider the following: What are some possible impediments to admitting to being jealous? Being honest with yourself about your emotional state removes another roadblock to resolving them. Remind yourself that your thoughts and feelings are all equally valuable. Also, keep in mind that your emotions require time and space to process at your own pace.

Recognize Unsaid and Unmet Needs

Recognize Unsaid and Unmet Needs This part may be way too uncomfortable for you because you are required to demonstrate vulnerability within yourself. When jealousy involves a third party, experts recommend conducting a self-assessment to assist in sorting through the tangle of emotions. You don’t want to make assumptions or find yourself recalling past experiences and projecting them onto your current relationship. You should ask yourself what this emotion is telling you, where you feel unseen in your current relationship and what you believe you are losing. Answering all these questions can easily unveil unfulfilled needs that you may or may not have thought about communicating with your partner.

Making Rash Decisions Is Never Okay

Making Rash Decisions Is Never Okay Decisions made during periods of temporarily elevated emotions can have long-lasting negative consequences. Jealousy that spirals out of control can manifest as envy and anger, corroding the relationship, the polar opposite of what you want. If you can pause for a moment and self-soothe during a stressful situation, you can reduce the likelihood of making a regrettable choice. The exercise you can do is taking deep breaths, work on achieving progressive muscle relaxation, and maybe focus on a mindfulness activity of your choice.