Netflix Edited Out Kim Kardashian Getting Booed at Tom Brady Roast

Instagram // @kimkardashian

The Roast of Tom Brady was not a good time for Kim Kardashian. Kim was loudly booed by the crowd as she started to speak at the roast, which took place at Los Angeles’ Kia Forum on May 5th. The Kardashian family is no stranger to controversy, but the boos were unexpected. However, they’ve been removed from the recorded version of the roast on Netflix.

Kevin Hart’s Intervention

While Kim tried to tell her first joke of the night, people heckled her so much that Kevin Hart had to intervene. But what’s interesting is that it’s been completely taken out of the Netflix recording.

So what exactly did Kim joke about and why did she get booed so much? She started off with a joke about Kevin Hart, his small stature, and the fact that he’s apparently pretty mean.

Kim’s Roast Jokes

However, since she was there to roast Tom Brady, not Kevin Hart, she started to make jokes about the rumors that her and Brady had been romantic, as well as how he reminded her too much of Caitlyn Jenner.

Instagram // @tombrady

She joked about how he could become a “strong, confident woman” like Caitlyn now that he’s done in the NFL, which got a few laughs. But her best joke was the one she saved for last.

Kim’s Final Joke

There are a lot of rumors about exactly how connected the Kardashians are to O.J. Simpson, and Kim played upon them when she joked about how enough of her family had “defended former football players.”

While the crowd was hard on her at first, by the end of her set, the audience was laughing right along with her. It’s just too bad Netflix decided to mess around with the footage.