Sarah Hyland Wore 2 Gorgeous Vera Wang Bridal Gowns at Her Wedding

When it comes to your dream wedding, traditions can be challenged. After all, who said you need to have only one wedding dress? That’s what Sarah Hyland thought, as well, when she decided she would wear not one but two bridal gowns on her wedding day.

Sarah Hyland Wore 2 Gorgeous Vera Wang Bridal Gowns at Her WeddingOn the Hunt for the Perfect Dress…es

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams finally tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony that can best be described as a fashion fairytale. When looking for that perfect dress, Hyland didn’t set out to have more than one dress. After the engagement was prolonged due to circumstances, however, her fashion plans changed. She shared that she was “going with more dresses than I originally planned,” which had fans wondering. In the end, Hyland opted for two romantic Vera Wang dresses that were absolutely stunning.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ Dream Wedding

Set as a vineyard-style wedding, Hyland and Adams’ special day was nothing short of perfect. For the ceremony, the Modern Family star wore an ivory silk Vera Wang Haute Couture ballgown with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline, tulle sleeves, a hand-pleated bodice, and a thigh-high slit. The whole look was complete with a cathedral-length tulle veil with an intricate Italian macramé lace trim. Her hair was in a romantic half-up with loose curls around her face.

For the fun part, the afterparty, the Love Island host slipped into a strapless lace Vera Wang Haute Couture dress. The hand-detachable tulle sleeves and draped neckline offered timeless elegance that was a perfect match to Sarah Hyland’s romantic personality. Hyland and Adams got engaged in the summer of 2019, and after three years of planning, the couple was finally able to tie the knot on August 20 at Sunstone Winery near Santa Barbara, California. Good luck to the newlyweds!

Learning to Run Can Be Fun & Beneficial, with a Few Simple Tips

Learning to Run Can Be Fun & Beneficial, with a Few Simple Tips
Learning to Run Can Be Fun & Beneficial, with a Few Simple Tips

Anyone can engage in regular running, and there are numerous benefits to doing so — but getting started is frequently the most difficult aspect. In this article, you’ll find some straightforward tips on how to get started, as well as some important benefits that running may deliver.

Everyone Can Run

Begin by telling yourself that everyone is capable of running. You’re not required to be any given age or size, nor to come from a specific background, in order to participate. No matter how long it’s been since you last ran, or even if you’ve never run before, you’ll be shocked at how rapidly your fitness level will increase, and how much healthier you’ll feel from the first day. Aside from providing several physical health benefits, such as decreasing your risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes, while also lowering your blood pressure, running provides significant mental health benefits, as well.


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Learning to Run Can Be Fun & Beneficial, with a Few Simple Tips

Running is one of the most basic types of exercise, so you might be asking why it’s so crucial to have a strategy before you go out and do it. A realistic schedule will guarantee that you’re not pushing yourself too hard or that you don’t run the danger of injuring yourself, while also assisting you in making steady progress. It’s recommended that you look for free Internet tips that will lead you through the first few runs before plunging in headlong. There are numerous free online resources available to help you through this process.

The Social Element in Running

As a social activity, running has the added advantage of being something that can be done almost anywhere. Whether you’re planning on joining a gym, purchasing treadmills and running machines for your home, or simply hitting the pavement, bring a few pals along with you to keep you motivated and accountable. Having someone else with you will help to hold you accountable and make it seem less like hard work because you’ll be rewarded with a well-deserved catch-up session, afterward. You may meet some new people while running, which will further enhance your running experience. They can also give you tips on how to improve your stamina, overall performance, etc.

A Few Tips on Running Equipment

Learning to Run Can Be Fun & Beneficial, with a Few Simple Tips

You might be wondering what kind of running equipment you’ll need if you decide to go for it. All it takes is a pair of trainers and some comfortable clothing, right? Looks like you might need some tips. This is correct, in certain aspects — strictly speaking, you don’t need anything extra. Although it’s not necessary, it’s a good idea to get at least one pair of high-quality trainers. The most important thing to remember is to purchase shoes that are both comfy and supportive of your feet. They don’t have to be extremely expensive or fashionable, but they do have to do their job and keep you from getting injured. Treating oneself to new training attire can also be a terrific motivator when you’re having trouble staying on track. Again, this isn’t required, by any means, but if you enjoy shopping, you may see this as an opportunity to select a new outfit that you’ll want to show off as soon as possible.

After taking these tips, get out, start running, and you’ll be experiencing the runner’s high for yourself!