Spring 2021’s Biggest Trend? It Might Just Be The Past

Spring 2021's Biggest Trend? It Just Might Just Be The PastAll eyes were on Prada’s Spring 2021 show in Milan earlier this year. The trendsetter was supposed to show to the world the fashion of tomorrow and the outfits everyone will be looking to attain in the coming months. Yet, one thing stood out, and it’s not what you think. Long-time Prada fans spotted two re-worked prints from the 1996 spring and fall collections. Does that mean the biggest trend will be… the past?

Two Archival Prints in Prada’s Spring 2021 Show

Prada, fall 1996 collection
The beloved outfits from the mid-1990s were reworked with the help of the masterful Peter De Potter, who has long collaborated with Simons. Prada wasn’t the only fashion house to offer a fashion déjà vu in the Spring 2021 season. Versace joined in the wave of reminiscence by offering a new spin on its famous Trésor de la Mer aquatic prints from three decades ago. Gucci, on the other hand, decided to tap into the treasures of the near past by reissuing looks from Allessandro Michele’s debut collection in 2015. Much like Gucci, Coach also reintroduced looks from “yesterday” with pieces from the past few seasons, even offering looks from the Fall 2020 collection.

The Need for the Familiar Has Replaced the Drive for the New

Although designers tapping into the greatest pieces of the ‘60s and ‘70s is no news, the decision to draw inspiration from more recent collections affirms our collective desire to go back to what we know after a year of uncertainty. It’s also a reflection of how we’re actually dressing up these days: going through what we already own, our personal archives, so to speak, and seeing the old outfits with new eyes.

A Spring 2021 collection on the runwayThe wave of sustainability and upcycling has led to interesting new outfits combining the old with the new, recycled, upcycled, and straight-up vintage. If there’s one thing we can all learn from the Spring 2021 collection, it is that some old fashions can be just as good for present generations, albeit with small alterations that reflect the current moment. Wouldn’t you agree?