Dietitians Take a Closer Look at Heidi Montag’s Raw Meat Diet

Actress Heidi Montag recently opened up about her decision to try a raw meat diet. She says she’s always been interested in different dietеry plans and was inspired by the carnivore diet. Also, she’s hoping that this lifestyle change will help in her battle with infertility.

Dietitians Take a Closer Look at Heidi Montag’s Raw Meat DietShe comments there is always some risk when eating raw, just like when eating raw fish in sushi. But the real question is, does this kind of diet really affect fertility? Here’s what expert dietitians want you to know:

Organ Meat Contains Many Beneficial Nutrients

It’s a true fact that raw organ meat is nutrient-dense, and as a matter of fact, it’s consumed all around the world. Raw meat is a great source of B vitamins, iron, and folate. However, there’s almost no evidence that raw organ meat consumption can improve fertility in women.

Although it’s true that some of the nutrients coming from organ meat are involved in the fertility process, experts agree that they can also be found elsewhere. Cooked meat, as well as some plant-based options like beans, seeds, and nuts, will give you iron and other great nutrients. Also, by going carnivore, you are excluding fruits and vegetables from your diet, which are important for the body.

Meat Storage and Preparation Are Crucial

Bacteria can grow in meat if it’s not handled properly and there’s a high risk of salmonella and E. coli. How you store the food is also very important, and if the meat is outside of the fridge or anywhere above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s prime time for the bacteria. In case you decide to go the raw route, make sure you know where your meat is coming from.

Both dietitians concluded that what’s most important in order to stay healthy is to have a diet rich in various nutrients, as well as varied sources of said nutrients. This means all of the food groups should be included in your daily meals.