Beaverbrook Hotel in London Can Really Impress Its Guests

Beaverbrook Hotel in London Can Really Impress Its GuestsWhen it comes to high-quality hotels, London does not mess around. Particularly in the food and beverage industry. The luxury lodges in the hotel are home to dozens of bars and restaurants that are consistently ranked among the best in the world. So, when Beaverbrook Town House, Chelsea’s newest fancy boutique guesthouse, opened earlier this year, it brought with it an F+B program that aims to impress.

It’s also impossible to ignore. The alluring Art Deco stylings of Sir Frank’s Bar beckon you immediately upon check-in at the 14-suite property. It’s a whimsical space with a well-curated back bar lit up by stained glass paneling. The turquoise-accented walls are lined with a collection of vintage ephemera.

Sir Frank's Bar Inside the Beaverbrook Town House
Fancy Japanese Cuisine

Although the bar snacks here are inspired by Japanese cuisine (as a prelude to the dining experience in the adjacent room), the signature cocktails are inspired by live theater. Bank Heist is the standout, combining peated scotch with Frangelico and chocolate wine in a jar with smoked oak chips. Its title is a play on the title of About A Bank Robbery, which premiered in London’s West End in March of 2016. You won’t have to guess the reference for whatever preparation you prefer; the menu spells it all out under each description.

Head up the steps into the cozy confines of the Fuji Grill for the main course. The pale green walls of the hotel room, which are covered in woodblock prints of sakura and other Japanese landscapes, hint at the food that will be served. Despite this, it is still full of surprises. The red bream is served with a white truffle ponzu jelly, and the Scottish langoustine is dusted with English bergamot. Even the miso has been transformed into a cappuccino with a tofu foam topper.

Special Wine & Sake Pairings

Special Wine & Sake Pairings
If you arrive in the days between Wednesday and Saturday, you can reserve a counter space at chef Goemon Ishikawa’s innovative omakase experience. The two-hour dinner in the hotel restaurant costs $267 per person, not including special wine and sake pairings from head sommelier Giovanni Tallu’s extensive menu.

Beaverbrook Hotel Offers World-Class Luxury

Of all the attributes to appreciate at Beaverbrook hotel, one of the most commendable is that it somehow feels like it’s been a part of London for years. It’s a key asset in the market where world-class luxury has been a mainstay for centuries, and yet some of it is starting to feel stale and tired. Fresh and nostalgic, all at once, this property is poised to stand out as an instant classic.