Instead of Hitting the Bar – Visit a Local Ice Cream Stand

Instead of Hitting the Bar - Visit a Local Ice Cream StandAfter lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing rules, people have become eager to go outside and see their beloved friends and family members. Even though meeting up at the local bar was the go-to choice for many in the past, perhaps a change of scenery is in order now that everyone can spend time together outdoors in the summer heat. Why not go for a scoop of childhood nostalgia at a nearby ice cream shop?

A Casual and Fun Date

Ice Cream Date
Going to the bar or a local club makes everyone involved feel like they should dress up and plan for a whole night out, making sure they have enough money on hand for drinks and taxi rides. However, inviting someone out to get ice cream sounds far more casual, relaxing, fun, and low-key. Couples and friends alike can share a frozen dessert and enjoy a meaningful conversation. Usually, one cone is quite filling and a person is unlikely to have another, unlike with drinks at a bar.

Incredible Ice Cream Flavors

Different Types of Sundae Of course, some drinks and cocktails taste wonderful. However, one can’t ignore the incredible array of flavors that this frozen delight has to offer! You can go for a scoop of vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road for a bit of nostalgia or enjoy a taste of the tropics by getting banana, mango, or coconut. The world of frozen desserts is always evolving and changing, so there are exciting new flavors to try out every day.

A Change of Scenery

Classical Ice Cream ConesEveryone has been cooped up indoors for far too long. Going out to see a friend only to end up sitting in a stuffy bar is just trading one interior for another. When you go to get ice cream, you can walk around the streets and window-shop or enjoy a bit of nature and fresh air by taking a seat on a park bench. It’s a shame to stay indoors, especially during the summer!