This Target Backpack is Perfect for Travel and Only $30

If you’re a frequent traveler, going from place to place in style may not be your top priority. But doing so with a comfortable backpack probably is. What if you could get both style and comfort for as little as $30? Yes, that’s more than possible with this square backpack available at Target!

This Target Backpack is Perfect for Travel and Only $30The New Day Square Backpack Has It All

When it comes to travel backpacks, they often fall into one of two categories: the looks or the practicality. You rarely get both, and if you do, it’s for a hefty price tag. With this square backpack by A New Day, however, you surprisingly get both for just $30. There finally is a design that offers both quality and comfort without costing a small fortune. Budget travelers will be especially happy to discover this find.

Chic Outside, Spacious Inside

Chic Outside, Spacious Inside
Because of its square shape, the backpack maximizes its storage capacity without getting too bulky if you fill it up. There is a water bottle pocket on each side, plus a comfortable exterior pocket at the front that gives you quick access to your most used items. The best part? You can choose between six awesome colors and patterns.

Inside, the backpack has more room than you would expect. The main compartment is deep enough to store a laptop, a book, some chargers, and other items you likely travel with. There is an interior zipper for smaller items, like your phone and passport, and there is another small compartment for smaller items like lip balms and pens.

A Popular Item at Target

A Popular Backpack at Target
You may be surprised to learn that the square backpack by A New Day isn’t a new item. It has actually been around for several years, and more than 86% of Target shoppers absolutely love it, based on reviews. Some are even comparing it to a Mary Poppins bag that’s “deceivingly big and wonderful,” while others praise it for being the perfect bag to take on planes for its functional design and size.