He Cheated, So Ex-Girlfriend Bought a House with His Bitcoin

When Aimee first started dating Ted (back in 2016), she didn’t know anything about cryptocurrency, but he was interested. Within their first year together, Ted bought half a Bitcoin for Aimme. At the time, however, she didn’t believe this would make actual money and pretty much forgot about it. He cheated on her, and they broke up.

He Cheated, So Ex-Girlfriend Bought a House with His Bitcoin
Ted Cheated & This Was the End of Their Relationship

The couple started dating long-distance, as Ted had to move across the country. In late 2018, Aimee decided to visit him and realized he was acting weird. This one morning, Ted woke up early to watch a football game and went to the bathroom, forgetting his phone out. Aimee just had the urge to look at it, although she’s not the snooping type.

Of all the messages, there was a girl’s name that Aimee had hardly heard about, and their texts were on Do Not Disturb. Unfortunately, Aimee’s hunch was right and she had solid evidence that Ted’s actually cheated. This is how things ended for them.

The Post-Breakup Gift No One Expected

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021, Aimee was watching the news and saw that Bitcoin was valued at over $30,000. Her first thought was “Oh, good for Ted.”

And then it hit her. She had Bitcoin.

She suddenly got from, “oh, good for my ex, who cheated on me” to “oh my god, oh my god!” Aimee’s brother advised her not to withdraw yet; however, her financial planner knew she was looking to buy a house and told her that it would make sense not to touch her Bitcoin if she didn’t need the money within the next three years but if he was in her situation, he would withdraw.

So, long story short, Aimee withdraw half a Bitcoin at about $18,000, she had her own savings and was planning to buy a new home anyway, but now she expanded her home-buying search.

Ted still doesn’t know about this and probably never will. The funny thing is that Aimee now remembers, he told her he once gave Bitcoin to another one of his ex-girflrends before her and never knew what she did with it either. Probably he cheated on her as well…

*Names have been changed