A Woman Is Making Custom Dining Gondola Cabins for Restaurants

Wendy and Rich Tucciarone, who run the Steamboat Springs craft brewery and restaurant in Colorado, decided to create a more comfortable way to serve their clients during the icy evening winter temperatures and frequent snowstorms. The Colorado family is now using revamped gondolas to maintain outdoor dining at their restaurant. The custom dining gondola cabins have since proved to be perfect for the goal.

The Tucciarones Invented the Custom Dining Gondola Cabins Inspired by Their Passion for Mountain Tourism

The Custom Dining Gondola Cabins Used at a Restaurant
The accountant of the Tucciarones suggested converting an old and out-of-service ski gondola into a private dining space that could be used outdoors. Because the gondola is small, enclosed, and cube-like, and the Tucciarones had a shared passion for skiing and mountain biking, they liked the idea immediately. Used ski gondolas were initially hard to find, but the family found a woman who had them in bulk. Now they could get to work.

The Gondola Shop Is Run by Dominique Bastien and Does All the Refurbishments and Repairs

Dominique Bastien and Her Gondola Cabins
Dominique Bastien owns a small gondola refurbishment and repair shop known as The Gondola Shop. She and her team convert the old ski gondolas into the novel, private dining spaces that now help struggling restaurant owners across the country. Her gondolas can easily seat six adults and allow restaurant owners to expand their seating with a comfortable outdoor dining option. Bastien also specializes in polishing and repainting ski gondolas still in use at resorts around the world.

One day, Bastien decided to take a big risk and purchase 55 old gondola cars that a resort was replacing. One year later, she once again bought some 95 additional gondolas from another resort. According to her, she had nothing particular in mind for the gondolas but hoped to re-purpose them in some way in the future. Fortunately, she soon had the opportunity to do just that and create the private dining gondola cabins that now help many restaurants around the country. Though for Bastien, the last six months have been chaotic, she said she was just happy to be doing something that matters, especially if it can help others stay in business.