This Useful Modern Device Can Help People Stop Slouching

In our modern age, with many jobs and most of our entertainment happening on the computer screen, countless people find themselves sitting slouched at their desks for hours on end every day. This can have long-term negative effects on a person’s posture and other health repercussions. That’s where the modern Upright Go device steps in to help discourage slouching and improve posture!

This Useful Modern Device Can Help People Stop Slouching
What Is Upright Go

Upright Go is a small, rectangular device that one attaches to their back using the adhesive strip found on the back of the device. It comes with several of these replaceable strips in case one is lost or loses its potency. Each adhesive strip is meant to last several weeks. The device is a type of digital sextant that, once attached to the back, measures the angle of the spine. Once the device notices that a person is slouching, it will send an alert as a reminder to mind one’s posture.

Slouching Alerts

This device has two modes – Training and Tracking. When the training mode is active, the device will send alerts when the wearer slouches. The alert is a slight vibration that reminds the person to sit or stand upright. The device is easy to connect to through an app that can be installed on a phone. Switching to tracking mode is easy and it will stop the alerts from occurring. However, the Upright Go will continue to track the wearer’s posture throughout the day and show a report.

The Mission Is Better Posture

The goal of wearing an Upright Go device is to make maintaining proper posture a habit. After several days or weeks of constant slouching alerts, most people will notice that they’re starting to pay more and more attention to their posture throughout the day. It’s not necessary to wear the Upright Go the entire day to see an effect. Good posture helps improve breathing by allowing the lungs to fill up properly, optimizes digestion, and helps people feel more confident, in addition to many other benefits.