Top 6 Handbag Choices for Summer 2021 (Designers Edition)

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Everyone is trying to embark on a few outings as possible but these days, but people still need to go out with so many accessories and electronics on them. In other words, the need to schlep around any belongings remains. Women have always been relying on a handbag, and leading designers are debuting their Spring 2021 collection. It shows that they’ve taken notes and come up with great ideas for carrying even more items in less space.

Water Bottle Handbag Choices

By now, we should all know that using single-plastic bottles is something to avoid. However, carrying a reusable one all the time may seem like a burden but not with the following fashionable carriers…

#1. Runyon Bottle Bag

Crafted from woven leather this Runyon handbag features a drawstring closure and adjustable strap.

#2. Le Porte Gourde Crossbody Leather Bottle Holder

Le Porte Gourde Crossbody Leather Bottle Holder

BYOB just got refined with this leather crossbody water bottle holder for an easy, secure (unopened) carry of any bottled beverage—a canteen made for modern needs.

Large & In Charge Totes

While extra-large leather totes are a bit outdated for many’s tastes, the following options prove that the right design could make everything timeless.

#3. Leslie Leather Tote

Leslie Leather Tote

Featuring in distressed pebbled style with top and side handles but you can easily take off the detachable shoulder strap, turning Leslie Leather Tote into a practical handbag.

#4. Folder Leather Shopping Bag

Folder Leather Shopping Bag

Made from soft, buttery leather, this tote bag is constructed with folded leather panels to create the wrap effect.

Duffel or Nothing

Another bulky favorite making a comeback is the duffle-style handbag. These are perfect for both short and long trips to carry out pretty much everything you can think of.

#5. Carryall Duffle Bag in Camel

 Carryall Duffle Bag in Camel

You can never go wrong with a camel, and this classic leather duffle will be the go-to you’ll grab for years!

#6. The Mini Everywhere Bag

The Mini Everywhere Bag
The Limited Edition Mini is made for short trips around town and is great for packing everyday essentials.