The Love-Hate Relationship Everyone Has With Beauty Filters

If you’re a regular social media user and you enjoy adding the occasional beauty filter to your photos or videos, you know that there are two versions of you. The one with the regular nose, normal skin, probably some blemishes and/or redness, not-so-perfect hair… and the other one with exceptional eyelashes, smooth skin, and perfectly plump lips. You may not see it as a bad thing, but many have stood up to say these filters are a problem.

The Love-Hate Relationship Everyone Has With Beauty Filters
What’s the Problem with Beauty Filters?

This ‘future you’ that seems super hot, although the changes have been very slight, is just not you. It’s not something you can accomplish with better skincare or spending a ton of money on skin specialists and other beauty treatments. The beauty filters provide an illusion people enjoy. Yes, it saves you time from doing your makeup, maybe even going for lash extensions and such, but using filters to get “decent pictures” has led to many young women seeking plastic surgery to transform their faces because of the way a filter makes them look.

Anxiety Caused by Over-Filtering

Anxiety in young women has increased over the years, due to the fact that they can’t be this ‘future hot self’ the beauty filters show them. Women understand that this is technology and it’s not real but the beautiful face that’s staring right back at them makes them want to be that person. To have perfectly smooth skin, dreamy lashes, fuller hair, and everything else that a computer has decided makes a person look more attractive.

Looking at oneself under a filter will inevitably make you feel bad about yourself. Looking at yourself without a filter will also make you feel bad. You enter a situation where you can’t win. Many would say that even doing your hair and makeup very nicely will feel good just for a moment. After that, you can still be left with the feeling of not being good enough and a lot of self-doubts.

White, Wealthy, and Thin

It looks like a lot of the beauty filters are following the same ideal – to make the users look whiter, wealthier, and thinner. Users with a darker skin tone have said that the filters that are supposed to smooth out the complexion are actually making their faces appear whiter. Like the filters are following a specific beauty standard, which is not a message we want to send to younger generations.

“This Is Not How I Look”

A lot of creators on Instagram have made Reels and posts about how much the filters change their facial features and advocate for using them less because overuse can be really unhealthy. However, all the posts regarding the fakeness of the beauty filters are still perfectly planned and executed. And for now, the filters are here to stay and will probably keep on modifying the way we see beauty in real life.