Easy, Science-Based Tips to Avoid Winter Sickness and Stay Healthy

With the winter season comes the increased likelihood of colds, flu, and any other sickness. But by taking care of oneself and boosting the immune system, people can avoid getting sick and get to enjoy the season to the fullest. Here are some simple tips for staying healthy during the winter that are backed by science.

Breakfast Against Sickness

Easy, Science-Based Tips to Avoid Winter Sickness and Stay Healthy

Eating breakfast is a great way to start a day and strengthen the immune system against any sickness. A new study from Britain found that people who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to get sick with colds and flu. Something like a protein-packed breakfast can be helpful to keep the immune system strong and keep everyone feeling their best.

Flushing the nasal passages with saline can help reduce the risk of getting colds, according to a study from Sweden. The saline solution can help thin mucus and clear it out of the nose, removing germs and other harmful agents. This technique can also protect against some viruses that attach to cells in the nose to replicate. According to immunologist Nancy Klimas, using a saline nasal spray four times a day can be very helpful, especially after being in public.

Green Tea Is Helpful

Drinking three to four cups of green tea per day can help reduce the risk of viral infections, according to a recent study. Japanese research has also suggested that increasing the intake of green tea could lower the risk of catching a sickness. The brew’s EGCG component helps prevent viruses from attaching to cells. To get the most benefits from green tea, all one has to do is add a squeeze of lemon juice. A study from Purdue University found that the acids and vitamin C in lemon juice can help preserve EGCG, making it more available to the body

Fast-Acting Vitamin D Is Great

Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting the immune system, as it activates genes that help white blood cells fight off viral infections. According to researchers from Boston University, having sufficient levels of vitamin D can reduce the risk of getting various respiratory infections by up to 54 percent. A quick and effective way to boost vitamin D levels is by taking calcifediol, a form of the nutrient that has been shown to increase levels three times faster than other forms.

There are many reasons why remaining healthy is a good idea, no matter the season. When in good health, people can enjoy their lives to the fullest and do the things they love. People who are more active and energetic get to engage in activities and hobbies that make them happy. Most important, remaining healthy makes it simpler for the body to fight off common illnesses and sicknesses like colds and flu.