Getting Great Benefits From the Last 30 Seconds of a Shower

Even though many people enjoy a steaming hot shower, that may not be the best thing for us. That’s why it’s worth introducing the idea of cold-outs! Use the last 30 seconds of showering to switch the water to cold. It sounds unpleasant but can have many important benefits to offer! 30 seconds is all it takes to expose the entire body to the stream of water, and you’ll be done before you know it.

Getting Great Benefits From the Last 30 Seconds of a Shower
Make the Last 30 Seconds of the Shower Cold

Hot water isn’t good for our skin, scalp, or hair in the long run. At best, people should be taking warm showers to try and avoid allowing hot water to irritate or dry out their skin. Hot water can cause scalp flakiness. It also widens the pores making the skin more easily irritable because of the greater risk of clogging and bacteria buildup. Cool water can help reduce these risks.

Shinier Hair and Softer Skin

A 30-second soak in cold water can help tighten the pores making the skin look more youthful and elastic. Smaller pores don’t allow as much bacteria and dirt in, so your skin will remain clean longer. A cold shower can also help maintain more beautiful locks by keeping the scalp healthier and not causing ends to split like hot water can.

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A Rush Of Energy

A sudden rush of cold water is a shock to one’s system but the body will quickly adapt. This will cause an instant rush of energy, increase the heart rate, and help speed up the metabolism. As the body starts working harder to maintain its normal temperature, it burns more calories. The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that a cold shower activates the sympathetic nervous system and can make people feel happier. It can also benefit lymphatic drainage, the immune system, and circulation. It sounds like a good exchange for 30 seconds of discomfort.