An Expert Warns About the Downside of a DINK Relationship

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DINK stands for ‘Dual Income, No Kids.’ If both partners in a relationship work and have no children, it makes the relationship DINK. These couples have money to spend but they don’t have children-related expenses. The term can also be used to describe married couples who are expected to have children but who prefer to spend their money on themselves.

The term first appeared in 1987. At the time, a Los Angeles Times article credited the rise in the number of DINKs as a way that baby boomers used to beat inflation and income stagnation. Interesting!

A TikTok Video Started a Debate

Lilly Anne and her husband Evan told people about the numerous benefits of their DINK relationship. The couple treat themselves to lavish meals after work each night and have plenty of disposable income. They always select their favorite snacks at Costco, attend football games, and play golf. This looks like a nice setup for many people, at least on paper.

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Many social media users expressed opinions against the DINK relationship in the comment section of the video, including claims of hedonism, while another argued that costly snacks weren’t worth ending a 2000-year bloodline. Talk about taking TikTok too seriously!

An Expert Gives a Warning

Despite the supposed benefits, an expert has warned people to be wary of the long-term impacts of living the DINK lifestyle. Personal finance expert Dr Roger Gewolb said that living a child-free life doesn’t always pay off in the long run. He explained that at first not having kids is financially beneficial but that people also have to think about who will care for them in their old age.

Still, the expert added that having children is not a financial decision but an emotional one. He also noted that couples could choose the DINK life while they’re young and consider children at a later date.

This Dating App Hides Your Match’s Face Until After You Talk to Them

In the world of online dating, where swiping left and right based on looks has become the norm, a new app has appeared. S’More, short for ‘something more,’ is a unique dating service that places meaningful conversations over selfies. Its algorithm recommends profiles tailored to users’ values, accompanied by a twist – all photos of potential matches are initially blurred.

A Dating App Only Shows Your Match’s Face After You Talk to Them
Dating App

Conversation First, Looks After

S’More flips the script on traditional dating apps, focusing on building connections through conversations before revealing the match’s face. The app aims to break free from the shallow hot or not swiping, urging users to genuinely get to know each other first. As chats progress and engagement deepens, the match’s photo gradually un-blurs.

The App Is Fostering Compatibility

The App Is Fostering Compatibility

Founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei believes that dating should be more than a beauty contest. With S’More, he aims to provide users with complete package compatibility. The app’s algorithm considers various elements, values, passions, preferences, and behaviors to create personalized daily recommendations.

Embracing Limitations

In a digital world full of endless options, S’More users can only engage in a set number of chats at a time. This limitation encourages them to invest more deeply in conversations, nurturing connections beyond the surface level. By focusing on quality over quantity, S’More aims to foster deeper, more meaningful interactions.

Encouraging Positive Behavior

Encouraging Positive Behavior

S’More goes beyond a typical dating app by implementing a kindness score, rewarding positive behavior and interactions. As a former director for Bumble’s gay dating app, Cohen-Aslatei brings his expertise to S’More, encouraging users to treat each other with respect. The interactive icons and multimedia options allow them to express their personalities authentically.

By prioritizing conversation, shared values, and accountability, S’More creates an environment where authenticity thrives, fostering genuine relationships. Step into a new era of dating where meaningful connections reign supreme.