Studies Show That Fast Walkers Live Longer Than Slower Ones

Fast Walkers Live Longer

Have you ever been told that you walk too fast? Do you often overtake people on the sidewalk? For all our fast walkers, we have good news! A study shows that you might actually live longer than those who are a bit slower. Read on to find out more benefits of fast walking.

Why Fast Walkers Live Longer

Detailed research has shown why fast walkers will most probably outlive slower ones. It also indicates that “brisk walkers” are less likely to be at risk of a cancerous illness and even cardiovascular disease. It might be a good reason to consider walking a bit faster from now on.

Participants in the survey were asked to determine whether they were brisk, slow, or average walkers. Slow was less than 3 mph, average was 3-4 mph, and brisk was more than 4 mph. The study concluded that slower ones are more likely to deal with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other causes, according to findings published in the journal, Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases.

Pick Up Your Pace!

Dr Jonathan Goldney encourages people to start walking faster if they want to live longer and gain all the health benefits. He also advises doctors to discuss this topic with their patients and mention the possible risks of diseases.

Wikimedia Commons // Vladimir Pustovit // cc-by-2.0

Last year, studies made by the University of Sydney and the University of Southern Denmark showed that people who do 10,000 steps a day are safer from issues like dementia (50% lower risk) and cardiovascular disease and cancer (30 to 40% lower risk).

Hopefully, this study inspired you to pick up your pace when you go outside. And next time someone tells you you walk too fast, kindly remind them that you’ll live longer!