Lumi Therapy’s Innovative Ice Barrel Raises the Bar for Recovery

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Lumi Therapy, the online company that made strides with the marketing of portable ice baths, has now unveiled a new product called the Lumi Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel. It’s another one of the company’s ice bath products for cold water therapy and fitness recovery and is meant to be a cutting-edge addition to people’s homes.

Lumi Therapy Has a New Product

The Lumi Recovery Pod Pro is made using thick rubber and hardened-wall construction that’s meant to offer an immersive experience for people looking to get everything they can in terms of recovery and rejuvenation. The new ice barrel is made for fitness enthusiasts, top-level athletes, and people who want to get into self-care. The company has made it clear that it’s engineered to improve the recovery journey of those using it.

Instagram // @battle.cancer and @lumi.therapy

The thoughtful design and interesting features that the Lumi Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel has make it stand out. It also has air gap-insulated construction and ultra-durable, fiberglass-reinforced, and skin-friendly PVC to ensure durability and comfort. The thermal top lid is intended to maintain water temperature, and the high-pressured solid structure is meant for longevity.

The New Ice Barrel Has Many Features

There is also an optional integration with the Lumi Thermo miniULTRA chiller to ensure the user can create crystal-clear water through a washable particle filter and keep a temperature of 37°F. In addition to the technical specifications of the Recovery Pod Pro, the priority is for a refreshing recovery experience and comfort.

Lumi Therapy CO-Founder, Gavin Teague, has stated that the new product is a leap forward in the mission of the company to give people the resources they need for their wellness journey. According to him, the company holds the belief that optimal recovery is a cornerstone of overall well-being. The Recovery Pod Pro Ice Barrel is the embodiment of the company’s commitment to providing accessible, effective, and sustainable solutions to regular people and professional athletes.