How to Make Your Showers Feel Extra Relaxing and Luxurious

It’s usually baths, not showers, that are described as “luxurious.” Most people squeeze showers in before work, at the gym, or during other busy times and rush through them. It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re pressed for time. However, end-of-week showers should be something different. They can be leveled up. Here’s how:

Tune Into the Senses for Mindfulness Showers

4 Steps to Making End-of-Week Showers More Luxurious and Relaxing

Showers can be an informal mindfulness practice. This means simply tuning into your senses during this mundane task. Beverly Ibeh, a therapist with Thrive Psychology Group who specializes in mindfulness, advises taking stock of your thoughts for a more mindful shower. Try not to rehearse for a work presentation, worry about post-shower plans, or anxiously replay a past occurrence. Simply notice your thoughts and get a bit of distance from them. This mental exercise can make it easier for you to direct your attention to your environment.

The next thing you need to do is focus on your physical sensations, like the sound of the water spraying out of the showerhead, the feel of the body scrub that you massage onto your skin, or the scent of your shampoo. Gaze around and maybe you’ll notice things that you haven’t before, like the wrinkles on the shower curtain.

Stressful thoughts or emotions might come up. Your reaction should be to just notice them, without judging them, and after that bring your attention to the things you can see, feel, smell, or hear.

Essential Oils Can Create a Spa-Like Vibe

Other than for fancy baths, essential oils can be used for showers. Three to five drops of your preferred essential oil should be placed on a clean washcloth. After that, the cloth should be placed in the shower stream. This is the suggestion of Kim Carmichael, spa director at the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Willow Stream Spa in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Moisturizing Is Key to Healthy and Luxurious Showers

Moisturizing helps maintain a healthy skin barrier, and it also feels good. Many people find it annoying to moisturize their skin after the shower, but it’s essential if you want to prevent dry, itchy, or irritated skin. Moisturizing should be done right after showers, while your skin is still damp, helping lock moisture in. If it is too much work for you to apply lotion all over, you should try a spray formula.

Prepare Your Post-Shower Outfit Beforehand

Do you know what can stress you out after a shower? Rifling through your dresser and trying to choose what to wear while you’re dripping wet. To avoid such a situation, lay out your post-shower clothes before getting in the shower.

Emotional Cheating Turns Out to Be Very Similar to Actual Affairs

There’s no denying that some partners cheat. If you’ve ever been screwed over, you definitely know how painful cheating is. It’s a situation that makes everyone feel awkward, to say the least. But it turns out there’s more than one way to be unfaithful. It’s not just when partners are intimate with someone else. There’s another way to cheat, and it’s just as nasty as the real deal.

Emotional Cheating Decoded

Emotional cheating

So, what’s emotional cheating? It’s usually described as an intimate connection between two people. Just like a physical affair, they keep their emotional relationship a secret from others. Some experts say it’s a “breach of trust” between partners.

It may look like a romantic thing, but the thing is that these “emotional buddies” are in a physical relationship with other people. While there’s nothing harmful in sharing stories with other people, things can start to get a lot more complicated when one of the partners starts seeking emotional support and/or connection with someone else without the consent of their significant others.

The Difference Between Physical and Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating

What’s the big deal about sharing stuff with someone else? Many believe things may not look dangerous at all at the beginning. More often than not, emotional affairs start as platonic relationships but develop into something completely different. For example, two people working closely together may start sharing personal details about one another. After some time, the relationship may develop into talking over the phone, etc.

It’s worth noting that some emotional affairs eventually end up as physical ones. In fact, that’s more common (and normal) than you might think. As two people develop a deep connection, tension may start building up. Before the “couple” knows it, they may end up between the sheets.

What Counts as an Emotional Affair?

A man who's found out his partner is cheating on him via text messages.

Okay, there’s no way to say, “that’s cheating, but this isn’t,” and believe it applies to every couple on the planet. On the contrary, what one couple considers appropriate may be going way beyond the boundaries of another. So, it pays to discuss what’s okay and what’s not for you as a couple. That way, you’ll know if you’re cheating on your significant other.

However, on a basic level, one could say all of the following would constitute emotional cheating: sharing good or bad news with someone other than your partner, seeking comfort in another, or doing things like deleting conversations after you’ve finished chatting.