An Easy Soap Brow and Blush Routine Used By Madison Beer

While Madison Beer’s rise to fame appears like an untouchable dream, the pop star has experienced many of the growing pains that most people do. This includes the realm of beauty in particular because the star had struggled with her skin during the past three years. Although she now shares her soap brow and easy blush techniques, Beer often avoids skincare products for periods of time to ensure she does not exacerbate her acne problems.

Madison Beer Shares Her Easy Blush and Soap Brow Routine

Madison Beer Sharing Her Soap Brow Routine
An Easy Soap Brow and Blush Routine Used By Madison Beer

While Beer never had acne during the major part of her teenage years, it hit her when she was 19 and is just now settling when she is almost 22. So, after some experimentation, Beer’s soap brow and blush routine started including a cleanser, followed by skin toner, moisturizer, and whipped cream. Beer also uses a beauty elixir and a pull of eye concentrate to prime her face for makeup. She would begin her makeup session by brushing up her brows with special brow soap and sometimes her entire face.

The star would continue with a tint for glossier skin and a duet of cream concealers under the eyes and across the T-zone. She would use spot coverage and blush but says she doesn’t care if she has pimples and no concealer. Apparently, she would use blush no matter what. Beer would also use powder products, a brightening option, a beauty-bronzer, and another round of blush.

Beer Shares She Is Amazed By How Much Makeup Has Developed In Recent Years

Madison Beer at a MAC Cosmetics Store Opening
An Easy Soap Brow and Blush Routine Used By Madison Beer

The star said she found it awesome to watch how makeup was developing significantly, especially with the TikTok videos where people can get unbelievably creative. Beer said she uses her own palette for her eyes. Her favorite is a blend of tawny orange and fawn that she would pull across the lids and apply a liner-like extension to the end of each eye. In an interview, Beer said she loved highlighter and felt like it made her feel like a forest nymph or a fairy.

Madison Beer would finish her look with an overlined lip, a swipe of gloss, and apply her own finishing touch with a signature accessory – her hoops. According to her, the hoops complete her whole vibe.