These Cheap and Easy 5-Minute Tricks Stop a Runny Nose Fast

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One of the worst things about catching a cold is a runny that refuses to stop. You’d be surprised to learn that there are 5-minute solutions to the problem. These natural remedies will quickly help you find relief. Plus, we also share a few things that irritate your nose.

Illnesses, Allergies, and Food

The cold weather is not the only reason you might be experiencing a runny nose. There are actually a few other factors that can affect your immune system. Cold, flu and other infections are among the main reasons your nose is runny.

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Runny noses can be seasonal if you’re allergic to pollen for example. However, if you have a dust allergy, your nose can be irritated at all times. Meanwhile, some foods or drinks can trigger the sensitive nerves at the back of your nose. Most people are sensitive to spicy dishes.
It could be anything from perfume smells to bad air quality and pollutants. The particles in the air can irritate the nose lining and make you sneeze.

Sinuses, Teas, Water

Flush your sinuses by pouring warm, sterile salt water in one nostril and out the other! This might be an old-fashioned trick but is a great method to eliminate the irritants.

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Meanwhile, green tea contains antioxidants, and you already know they reduce inflammation. Green tea is also rich in natural caffeine, which supplies the mucous lining of the nose. And as always, drinking plenty of water always helps!

Ginger and Pillows!

Ginger extract is proven to help ease the inflammatory condition of the nasal passages thanks to the “6-gingerol “and “6-shogaol” compounds it contains. We know it might not have the best taste, so you can mix it with some lemon juice and honey.

Finally, use an extra pillow. If you find it hard to fall asleep, adding an extra pillow will help move the fluid down your throat instead of your nose.