Sweet Potatoes Are Good for You in More Ways Than One

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Sweet potatoes are the best. These root veggies originally came from Central and South America and recently became crazy popular, with a 42% increase in people eating them from 2000 to 2016, according to the USDA. But what makes them so good for you? Here are the details.

Sweet Potatoes Are Amazing

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, and polyphenols, which are basically superheroes for the body—they keep your vision sharp and immune system strong. Plus, they’ve got more fiber and potassium but fewer calories compared to white and red potatoes.

People who are having tummy troubles should consider sweet potatoes to be their nutritional friend. When cooked, they produce resistant starch, a fancy way of saying they don’t rush through the body and mess with blood sugar levels too much. Instead, they hang out in the large intestine and help out the good bacteria in the gut, which is awesome for digestion.

The Many Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Experts have found that people who ate more soluble fiber had a stronger gut lining after six months. This not only keeps the gut happy but also prevents a leaky gut, which can make anyone feel tired and foggy in the brain.

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Sweet potatoes are great for weight loss because they have complex carbs that give steady energy. The fiber in them also gives the feeling of being full.

And, they’re heart protectors. They help control blood pressure because they’ve got potassium and vitamin B6. In short, next time you’re thinking about eating, you could do a lot worse than a sweet potato.