The Surprising Reason Some People Still Need to Take Vitamin D in Summer

Shutterstock // Susanna Juers

In the summertime, people usually receive their daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. However, as we all learn more about the harmful effects that the sun can have when sunscreen is not used, we tend to cover up more, which means less sun exposure. Protecting our skin from the sun does have its benefits, but many people are missing out on some of the health benefits of the vitamin as a result.

The Role Vitamin D Plays

Vitamin D has a vital role to play when it comes to supporting heart and bone health, largely because it helps our bodies absorb calcium. It can also have a big effect on our mood. And while you may think that it’s not needed in the summer when there’s lots of sunshine, you’d be wrong.

Shutterstock // Milos Momcilovic

Many people still need vitamin D supplements in the summer, like people who are indoors a lot, people who wear sunscreen every day, and people who wear clothes that cover most of their skin when it’s sunny. Sunscreen and clothes both interfere with how our bodies absorb the vitamin.

Who Is at Risk

In addition to the situations mentioned above, people who are at a high risk of a deficiency should take the vitamin in the summer, like pregnant or breastfeeding women, elderly people, and those with very pale skin.

While the sun is the most obvious way to get your daily dose of vitamin D, there are other ways.  People can try eating more foods that are high in the vitamin like salmon, mushrooms, and many dairy products. And when all else feels, there are always supplements after consulting a doctor. With how essential this vitamin is to our health, people should get the most of it they can, even if that means taking a supplement year-round!