3 Sophisticated Work Bag Designs to Carry a Mobile Office In

For many, it has been more than a full year of working from home. Workdays anchored to an office chair are long behind us, and more and more people’s offices are in their living room, a coffee shop, or even the great outdoors. So, how do you find a polished work bag that looks awesome and can fit your laptop and classic work essentials at the same time? That task won’t be a challenge with these three smart bag designs!

1. French Basket Work Bag

French Basket Work Bag
If you’re looking for something casual that doubles as a beach/park bag, then a french basket style work bag is a smart option for you. They come in a range of sizes, and you can find both affordable and high-end models. This type of carry-all is both cute and easy to blend with most outfits. What’s not to love?

2. Rothy’s The Essential Tote

Rothy's The Essential Tote
Totes like this model by Rothy’s are both really chic and super functional. They can comfortably fit your laptop, chargers, and other virtual office essentials, all the while making you look put together and stylish. This essential tote by Rothy’s is made from recycled plastic bottles, so if you’re a fan of sustainable fashion, this work bag would be a great addition to your lifestyle. Plus, the colors are ideal for virtually any season!

3. The Zip-Top Medium Transport Tote

The Zip-Top Medium Transport Tote
For something a bit more slender and simplistic, this Madewell timeless design is a fantastic choice. The zip-top tote isn’t as bulky as the other two designs, so if you’re looking for a minimalist bag that can still comfortably accommodate your mobile office, don’t hesitate to get it. The best part is that the black and brown leather combo makes it easy to pair the bag with virtually any outfit and pair of shoes.